Theories of Participation: A Literature Review of Undergraduate Women's Participation in CS
While the demand for computer science-related jobs has skyrocketed, the number of women pursuing computer science has been on the decline, despite recent efforts to encourage female participation in the CS field.  Relevant articles compiled from the ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE) journal provides a corpus to review research on how this problem relates to undergraduate women. This literature from TOCE was examined to determine how prior research addresses and evaluates participation of undergraduate women in computing over the last two decades.
Query-Based Generation of Trigonometric Identity Problems and Solutions
We propose a technique for generating trigonometric identity problems (TIPs) and problem templates based on the difficulty of the desired problem. Specifically, given an expression l and a query Q describing desired problem components and a desired measure of difficulty, we explore the space of tautological expression problem paths using a rule-based substitution technique. Once a tautological expression r and its corresponding solution path within the desired level of difficulty is achieved, a problem of the form l = r is returned along with an underlying bi-directional solution path. We also demonstrate that our tool is able to solve a corpus of textbook TIPs as well as generate problems that extend beyond the confines of problem structures present in textbooks.